June recap!

June seemed to go by so slowly this month, and for that we were thankful.

 Our little man is now officially one month old. He has been the dreamiest baby so far. Safe to say, the easiest one so far.
 photo 154A6801-BA03-4355-A5A6-130F0C5D0840.jpg

We had a free summer membership to the Pink Palace, so we took the kiddos one Saturday morning to explore the Dinosaurs exhibit. 
  photo IMG_3799.jpg photo IMG_3803.jpg photo IMG_3806.jpg photo IMG_3820.jpg

 Canaan took swimming lessons this summer. He loved it so much, and it really did help him become more comfortable with water.
  photo IMG_3836.jpg

 It truly is a right of passage to cut your own hair or your siblings hair... and it finally happened in the Kubler household. Canaan sneakily cut W's hair. It was....... it was something. INSERT CRYING FACE. haha.
  photo IMG_3843.jpg photo IMG_3844.jpg photo IMG_3845.jpg photo IMG_3846.jpg photo IMG_3848.jpg

 Love this sweet smiley boy of mine!
 photo IMG_3891.jpg

 Relaxing summer days!
  photo IMG_3896.jpg
 sleeping boy!
  photo IMG_3919.jpg

big kids played and he took naps!
  photo IMG_3921.jpg

  photo IMG_3931.jpg

 silly little crazy ones!
 photo IMG_3937.jpg

  photo IMG_3939.jpg

 photo IMG_3957.jpg

Sleeping again while the big kids swim!
  photo IMG_3966.jpg

  photo IMG_3970.jpg

 photo IMG_3978.jpg

 We were able to get three dates nights this month! Glory glory hallelujah!
  photo IMG_3987.jpg

took them ALL shopping for the first time, and thankfully it was successful!
  photo IMG_3994.jpg

C's first person- spiderman. Goodness I love his sweet drawing!. 
  photo IMG_4005.jpg

Date night to a wedding!!
  photo IMG_4016.jpg

Happy father's day to our favorite dad in the whole world!
 photo 9ABDDFA6-9320-4E7A-8DBA-085BD3FD3AD6.jpg
  photo A363C2A9-9747-4D63-8A68-D4262B3FB0AA.jpg
  photo F061980B-36A4-49FF-B1B6-D034F80E3F93.jpg

 I'm telling y'all, he's just the sweetest!
  photo 5063C90C-04F1-4AF4-AE9E-F0A149F339AE.jpg

  photo IMG_4067.jpg

Third date night!
  photo IMG_4094.jpg

Thank you OBPD for this awesome day of sprinklers and water hose fun!
 photo IMG_4115.jpg

ikea run for cheap pizza and ice cream!
  photo IMG_4141.jpg

snuggly boy! photo IMG_4202.jpg

 we visited the blueberry farm and picked a gallon of fresh blueberries. This will absolutely become an annual tradition!
  photo D70B4590-96B4-4E4F-A146-32E2B5986C39.jpg
  photo IMG_4236.jpg photo IMG_4237.jpg photo IMG_4238.jpg photo IMG_4239.jpg photo IMG_4240.jpg

early morning walks with my tiny people mover!
  photo IMG_4258.jpg

  photo IMG_4346.jpg

the love they have for him is strongggggg
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  photo IMG_4378.jpg

  photo IMG_4383.jpg

 photo IMG_4389.jpg

went to get her up from a nap, and this is how i found her. Goodness, I love this girl!
  photo IMG_4487.jpg

  photo IMG_4489.jpg

this month left us all craving rest! So thankful for my crew!
  photo IMG_4496.jpg

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