August Recap!

This month was full of so many sweet memories. We started our homeschooling C in preschool.

This sweet girl asked me to take her picture while I was cleaning my room up.

  photo B3EA092B-351F-47E3-8AF9-CC37F07F6A74.jpg
  photo C0F89559-6133-4750-B11A-928970813837.jpg
Then brother hopped in
 photo C45C5760-A2CA-4A6A-BF6F-82E932F6142C.jpg

These two sure do love their little brother.

  photo 026F2106-3800-405D-A79A-6DB270FD3C3C.jpg
  photo 5757196A-BAF2-4A2E-9088-42BF3B837204.jpg

  photo IMG_5351.jpg

  photo IMG_5355.jpg

They asked for a picture together, goodness these two are just the sweetest.

  photo 5B325D54-8A1E-4C7D-ABDC-868E00FB27A6.jpg

 photo 23EE68A6-0372-4E9F-8570-D8A6D331B478.jpg

  photo 203AE524-A29D-4C29-9E5D-17840427574D.jpg

  photo 823710DB-A311-470C-A195-A55A66AACA85.jpg
 photo 8C64FE4D-776E-4184-A20F-DC79BAB8A595.jpg

Always so happy!
  photo 7ECD7796-49BB-4284-90AC-278F3257B728.jpg

  photo 15E0B25B-9474-4EA1-B4BD-ED6F32B52D05.jpg

  photo 296DD1E4-64D3-451E-9FC7-B11EAF4F3A57.jpg

Girl's night and guys night out!
  photo C8441F2A-08F1-4FD9-AF06-3D20C67FDFEF.jpg
 photo 70623B98-1334-4E42-9AC4-8232FB498D42.jpg

  photo A51736D5-1781-43D4-A1EF-9D2F4DAE7063.jpg
 photo IMG_5782.jpg photo IMG_5783.jpg
 photo IMG_5778.jpg

Oh abe:)
 photo IMG_5390.jpg

Zoo with family!
 photo IMG_5394.jpg

 photo IMG_5399.jpg

 photo IMG_5402.jpg

 photo IMG_5404.jpg

Kubler boys
 photo IMG_5420.jpg

little mama
 photo IMG_5422.jpg

This kid is doing such an incredible job learning to write his letters.
 photo IMG_5497.jpg
 photo IMG_5549.jpg
 photo IMG_5511.jpg

playground hangs!
 photo IMG_5541.jpg

Two spidey's is always better than one.
 photo IMG_5556.jpg

Josh caught us catching an afternoon nap and snapped this of us. Sure do love that boy.
 photo IMG_5563.jpg

 photo IMG_5648.jpg

squeaky clean
 photo IMG_5703.jpg

don't mind me, just constantly stalking my kids as they sleep. ha
 photo IMG_6039.jpg

 photo IMG_6125.jpg

 photo IMG_6108.jpg

reading with daddy!
 photo IMG_6110.jpg

Cousin hangs!
 photo IMG_6115.jpg

Trains for days
 photo IMG_6134.jpg

school outside
 photo IMG_6145.jpg

 photo IMG_6208.jpg

abe and his future wife, wyn!
 photo IMG_6215.jpg

Kubler Nose In A Book
 photo IMG_6228.jpg

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