September Recap!

This was a sweet month. The warm lingering summer days had us outside constantly.

I'll forever love these pics of abe in this swing. They truly show how little he is. Goodness.

  photo 08A71BFF-7D41-4482-988B-4C13FB5FFBF5.jpg
  photo 283AE2F6-4B91-49CD-BF5E-E3900B95D166.jpg
  photo 94996F52-05DC-421C-9300-FC008F30751C.jpg
  photo F63F7855-D907-4460-8234-693C90E19A95.jpg

 their friendship is such a blessing.

  photo IMG_6425.jpg

 morning talks with abe.
  photo 77FE3143-EBDA-4853-8E15-D03A7AC2DFDB.jpg
  photo AA74EF62-896D-4F0C-AA68-A704D4242F49.jpg photo BD48BD2A-6BE0-4C59-8857-30EF5B46AC11.jpg

 photo IMG_0268 2.jpg photo IMG_0271.jpg

 all day everyday building trains photo IMG_6315.jpg

Sweet willow girl in front of her tree.
  photo IMG_6328.jpg photo IMG_6373.jpg

 First day of Thursday school. They LOVE it!
  photo IMG_6387.jpg

 Checkup with this yummy chunk!
  photo IMG_6416.jpg

 park hangs
  photo IMG_6426.jpg
  photo IMG_6427.jpg photo IMG_6429.jpg

Saturday morning at the farmer's market!
 photo IMG_6488.jpg

 When it's pretty outside, we do our schooling outside!
  photo IMG_6556.jpg

i sure love these three
  photo IMG_6598.jpg

cousin picnic dates
  photo IMG_6642.jpg

  photo IMG_6647.jpg

 Date night to see one of our favorite bands. Canaan took this photo, hints the blur. But, I love it!
  photo IMG_7084.jpg
  photo IMG_7088.jpg

  photo IMG_7174.jpg

  photo IMG_7181.jpg

  photo IMG_7215.jpg

he was so proud to be holding him all on his own!
  photo IMG_7281.jpg

  photo IMG_7396.jpg

They loved making these spiders for our halloween decor. 
  photo IMG_7406.jpg

 happy girl!

 photo IMG_7491.jpg

late night tea time. I took these photos sneakily. They are just the best.
  photo IMG_7521.jpg photo IMG_7523.jpg photo IMG_7525.jpg

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