The Kubler Homestead

We bought a new house!

Wow, that was not something I thought I would be saying this year! We weren't seriously looking, but we would browse homes that popped up on Zillow. We knew we wanted to move sometime in the near future, but we just didn't think it would be this year.

Our biggest priorities were 1. Space for Josh's mom and 2. Space for our church. When this house popped up on Zillow, Josh immediately saw it. We went to look at it the next day and immediately fell in LOVE. The red barn is the perfect space for Josh's mom to renovate, and it came with some land that we knew we could use for ministry. It had character we always dreamed of and a beautiful pond.

We quickly put an offer on the home and wrote a letter to the owners explaining our situation. And all Glory to God, they chose us! We were FLOORED that is happened. We just surely thought this was all too good to be true. The Lord opened SO many doors in order for us to get this home. It is only by his doing that we could buy it. I'll forever stand amazed that He blessed us with this home. We are so undeserving but so grateful!

It has a lot that needs fixed up, but we have the rest of our lives to tackle those projects. I can't wait to raise our babies here.
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