Abe is 5 months!!

this little love of mine is 5 months. Truly, month after month he just gets dreamier and dreamier. He is the SMILIEST little thing. This past month he has completely conquered rolling over in all directions and even attempts crawling/scooting. He is also a big fan of his play gym. He swats so hard at his toys and giggles and talks to them. He could watch C and W for hours playing. He's so textbook with his sleeping and eating. He hasn't had any real food yet, but maybe he will try some in this next month. He's wearing size 2 diapers and 3-6month clothing.

We love this boy so so so much. He's so perfectly perfect for our family. The big kiddos want to talk and hold him everyday. Abraham Robert, you are a treasure.

  photo IMG_4789.jpg photo IMG_4803.jpg
 photo IMG_4810.jpg
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