October Recap

our last night before he turned 5!!!

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So proud of this little boy and who he is becoming!
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yummy treats!
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We spent his birthday at the park with friends and cupcakes!
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We had a sleep over with some of the cousins!
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Sure do love these boys of mine!

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Birthday girl and her birthday flowers from daddy!
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Donuts at the park with some family!
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 photo IMG_7789.jpg photo IMG_7795.jpg photo IMG_7796.jpg photo IMG_7798.jpg photo IMG_7799.jpg photo IMG_7804.jpg photo IMG_7808.jpg

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getting our nails done!
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Granddaddy's farm is one of their favorite places!
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So thankful that my sister and her sweet boy were able to come home for a few weeks!

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movie date with dad!
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 hanging with lolli and poppa! photo IMG_7741.jpg

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sweet baby cousin Josey Mae is here!
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