Abe is 6 months!

oh sweet boy, this past month was a BIG month for you! You discovered your feet and suck on your toes constantly. You are baby talking so much more. You've got cute TWO bottom teeth, and while they are adorable, they made me cry because you are growing so fast! You are working on sitting up, but you aren't there yet. You love to play peek-a-boo, be tickled on your tummy, watch C be silly, and your bouncer gym. You've also started eating oatmeal and applesauce this past month too.

You are wearing 6mo clothing, but it's swallowing you. You still weigh close to 15 pounds, so it's our new mission to fatten you up:) Dr. Bubba said your perfectly healthy but could gain a few pounds for extra cuddling. So that is what we will do:)

You are still SUCH a dream baby. Even through teething, you've been so happy and giggly. Abraham, we love you  more and more very day. Some nights, after you go to bed, I sneak back in your room just to watch you sleep. I just never want you to grow up!

  photo abemonth6-003.jpg
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 photo abemonth6-006.jpg

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