November Recap

This was a crazy busy month!!! We closed on our new home and sold our current home!!!!! We can't believe how faithful the Lord was to us in getting this new house. We feel so very undeserving. Hopefully one day I can do a whole new post on this house. We hit the ground running on doing some renovations before we moved in. Josh did an amazing job on getting so much done! We moved closed to Thanksgiving and it feels so good to be settling in! There were many late nights packing and renovating and it all just felt like a whirlwind. Goodness though, we are just so thankful!

 Guys date to the Grizzlies! photo IMG_8754.jpg

 sweet boy! photo IMG_8758.jpg

  photo IMG_9128.jpg

  photo IMG_9145.jpg photo IMG_9147.jpg

sleeping on granddaddy!
 photo IMG_9220.jpg photo IMG_9221.jpg

 photo IMG_9248.jpg

This month we lost our great granddaddy Kubler. It was every bit of the word bittersweet. SO hard to lose someone you love so dearly, but also so thankful he is fully whole and healed in the presence of Christ. I'm so thankful to have known him even if for a short time.
  photo IMG_9258.jpg

renovations underway! This is the masterbedroom!
  photo IMG_9311.jpg

trying some yummy food!
  photo IMG_9316.jpg

He's so happy in the mornings!
  photo IMG_9333.jpg photo IMG_9334.jpg

fun at lolli's house!

  photo IMG_9358.jpg photo IMG_9364.jpg

cuddles with daddy
  photo IMG_9406.jpg

our last day at the old house. This home means so much to me. I brought all 3 of these babies to this home. SO many memories within these walls of raising them, figuring out marriage, hosting our community group, praying over others, countless holidays, and the beautiful mundane moments. 3407 will be etched into my heart forever.

  photo 44521D96-14D9-43FB-827F-2008B60C46AE.jpg
  photo B67D3AFE-D0B4-4FE5-B0E4-0FB50B33E97C.jpg

already making this house feel like a home.
  photo IMG_9470.jpg

abe and wynnie b
  photo IMG_9571.jpg

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