Abe is 7months!

here he is. 7 months.
  photo abemonth7-008.jpg photo abemonth7-005.jpg
 photo abemonth7-004.jpg

 photo abemonth7-006.jpg
  photo abemonth7-011.jpg
 photo abemonth7-002.jpg
 photo abemonth7-012.jpg
  photo abemonth7-009.jpg photo abemonth7-007.jpg
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  photo abemonth7-010.jpg
  photo abemonth7-003.jpg

shocker that I'm emotional typing this. He's growing so fast and I'm just not ready for him to not be a baby. Truly, he makes me want 17 more babies. I just can't get enough of him. He's always so happy and laid back (unless he is hungry). He LOVES him some mama, and I love it! He will cackle so hard at C and just watch him play. He is still a small little love so he is just now filling out 6month clothes. He naps twice a day and loves all food. He is sitting up like such a champ. The bouncer seat is his favorite toy. He just is so smiley and cuddly and all things perfect. Abe, i love you so much it hurts. Forever my baby you'll be.

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Angela said...

Abe is adorable! I know how you feel about being sad. I'm getting emotional right now about my nephew being 18 months old. I feel like I'm watching his babyness disappear and it's making me sad.