Christmas 2017

Every year our Christmases just get sweeter and sweeter. Our family traditions have stayed mostly the same. We spend Christmas Eve with josh's mom. This year, his brother was in town from New Zealand. We loved getting to meet his new girlfriend and spend the holidays with them.

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 Christmas morning fell on a Sunday this year. We decided to wake up early and do a yummy breakfast and gifts before church. I made a yummy candy cane danish and quiche. My parents also came over to spend the morning with us.
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all ready for church!
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Christmas evening we headed to my parent's house for Christmas with my family. I forgot to take pictures really, but it was such a wonderful time. We ate a big dinner and then opened up gifts with our huge crew. 

Since my sister lindsay was also in town from Australia, we spent many nights after christmas at my parents house to spend time with her. These photos of willow were taken over the course of those nights. Needless to say, she was exhausted just a little bit by all the festivities.

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