December Recap

Our favorite month of the whole year surprisingly didn't fly by this time around. We enjoyed every slow day and every fun event. It was a little chaotic since we had just moved in, but we were sure to decorate and partake in all our normal traditions.

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 making salt dough Christmas ornaments with these little squirts.
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Hanging with Granddaddy and ashleigh!
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a quick kiss before our annual Christmas party
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little man was exhausted from late night hangs at lolli and poppas
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 First we stuff our faces with Five Guys, and then we head to Starry Nights. It's one of our favorite traditions each year. This year we capped the night off with some cupcakes from Muddys. photo IMG_9711.jpg

slow mornings cuddling in our christmas jammies
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Having a fireplace this year felt like such a luxury. We burned a fire almost every night that we could. The kids loved playing and just sitting by the fire. We spent many late nights laying on the couches waiting for the fire to burn out. 
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She was flat out exhausted one night and fell asleep coloring a Christmas tree. She's the sweetest. 
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  photo IMG_9940.jpg

  photo IMG_9959.jpg

They loved decorating a santa sleigh. Well, let me rephrase, they liked decorating the sleigh but they LOVED eating the sleigh! HA!
  photo IMG_9970.jpg

 Another one of our favorite traditions is matching pjs with allthe weaver cousins. The kids make cookies with Lolli too! It's such a fun night. We added 3 babies to the crew this year! photo weavercousinpjs-001.jpg photo weavercousinpjs-002.jpg photo weavercousinpjs-003.jpg

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