Tree Hunt 2017

I look forward to this day every year. Our annual tree hunt has become a fun little tradition for our family. Josh's dad owns a nursery and blesses us with a tree each year. This makes it extra special for us. The kids love to run around and "try out" all the trees. They also love to play and hide under all the surrounding trees. We started this tradition when C was only 2 months old. What a joy to keep it going!

  photo 1B72B608-3F2F-4D1D-A6E7-BC3DBCB0E724.jpg

  photo IMG_9666.jpg

  photo IMG_9630.jpg

  photo IMG_9625.jpg

  photo IMG_9668.jpg

  photo IMG_9809.jpg

  photo IMG_9667.jpg

 photo IMG_9601.jpg

  photo 05681754-2976-41A8-B2D5-FAA2C64FE58A.jpg

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