Abe is 8 months!

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 I blinked and you're 8 months. You started saying DADA this month and it just melts me to my core. You've started some other jabbering, but DADA is definitely your favorite. You have no real interest in crawling. I'd say youre 17 or 18 pounds. You've really become clingy to me this month. You've always been clingy but this month, if you see me walk in the room and I don't immediately pick you up, it;s over. HA! I can't say I hate it though. :) You are still the happiest, smiliest, most fun little babe. You only cry when you're waiting for your food or overly tired. You're wearing size 3 diapers and in 6-12mo clothes. We went out of town this month and you handled your second road trip like a champ!

Oh sweet boy, we love you so much. There truly aren't enough words to express it. You are such a blessing to us. Each day a gfit. And i know that's all so cheesy sounding, but it couldn't be more true.

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