January Recap

This was such a fun month! First our Chatty trip, then snow days, and so many fun memories in between.

 Josh took C to a Grizzly game. I couldn't handle how big and cool he looked!
 photo IMG_0342.jpg photo IMG_0343.jpg photo IMG_0345.png

 my sweet boy!
  photo IMG_0351.jpg

 Visiting granddaddy and Nana!
  photo IMG_0363.jpg photo IMG_0371.jpg

 bedtime stories
  photo IMG_0373.jpg

sweet girl got a haircut and curls:)
  photo IMG_0378.jpg photo IMG_0382.jpg

 So thankful to spend time with Daniel and Rebekah while they were in town from NZ. We loved getting to spend Christmas and fun nights like this with them.  photo IMG_0391.jpg

 so thankful for these kubs.
  photo IMG_0443.jpg

  photo IMG_0450.jpg

We've been reading The Lion The Witch, and The Wardrobe as a family at night. C drew this one day after our reading. I can't handle how sweet and good it is!
  photo IMG_0454.jpg

  photo IMG_0467.jpg

  photo IMG_0629.jpg

  photo IMG_0652.jpg

  photo IMG_0654.jpg

reading at Mudgy's house.
  photo IMG_0655.jpg

  photo IMG_0656.jpg

sweet sleeping girl. 
  photo IMG_0681.jpg

I took willow out on a date night. She requested a picture with C and then with me before we went to the movies. 
  photo IMG_0709.jpg
  photo IMG_0711.jpg
  photo IMG_0715.jpg

 Josh and I were able to sneak away to Chatty again for a work conference Josh had. My parents kept C and W. It was a super quick trip, but we had so much fun. Abe was an amazing little third wheel. He was so good the entire trip!
  photo 62D4DAB6-0050-4EF7-B11A-3DDD4EEF900F.jpg
  photo IMG_0745.jpg

at the booth for Fund The Nations
  photo IMG_0779.jpg
  photo 01E7ECB5-8D6A-49F1-929D-E459AE28F463.jpg

 Singing songs and just being adorable!
  photo IMG_0790.jpg

 We host community group every sunday night in our home. These people are family to us.  photo IMG_0808.jpg

  photo IMG_0820.jpg

 sweet friends photo IMG_3035.jpg

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