Snow Day

We were so surprised to have two really snows this month. The kids had prayed for weeks that we would get to have snow in our new house. We woke up one morning to such a great dusting and we were thrilled. Then a couple weeks later we got another great snow. The kids were so thrilled.

  photo IMG_0573.jpg

 We kept saying how it felt like we woke up in Narnia.
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 photo BBB4EEC2-60E8-4701-B3F0-0B5EAA4F8CD6.jpg

They have three layers of everything on. Poor low can barely move, hahaha.
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 We attempted to make a snow man but our fingers could barely stand it.
 photo IMG_0602.jpg

The homestead blanketed in snow is like a dream.

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  photo IMG_0497.jpg
  photo IMG_0498.jpg photo IMG_0499.jpg photo IMG_0506.jpg

 I spy with my little eye, three little snow bunnies... photo IMG_0507.jpg

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 photo IMG_0608.jpg
  photo IMG_0550.jpg photo IMG_0551.jpg

 The perfect nap

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And what is a snow day if there isn't hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.
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 We constantly are in awe of this home and land. Each season here has brought the sweetest memories and blessings. We are so undeserving of this homestead. Praise be to the Lord!

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