Abe turns 9 Months!

  photo abemonth9-007.jpg photo abemonth9-006.jpg photo abemonth9-005.jpg photo abemonth9-004.jpg photo abemonth9-003.jpg photo abemonth9-002.jpg photo abemonth9-001.jpg

oh my sweet Abe. 9 months looks mighty cute on you! We haven't gone to your check up appointment yet, but I'm guessing you are around 19 pounds. You are almost grown out of 6-9months and ready for 9-12. You still have no desire to crawl, but you are starting to get frustrated that you can't reach toys you want. You clap every now and then, mainly say dada (but we've heard a few bye bye's), and you'll wave bye bye every now and then. You are talking in gibberish a lot more but no real distinct noises.

Due to thyroid issues, my milk dried up this month and you are sololy bottle fed. I think that's what has helped you put on some chunks. You are taking great, long naps twice a day. You've started cutting your third tooth, but it's coming in slowly. You really love playing "where's abraham" and can do it all by yourself. Canaan can make you laugh harder than any.

You are STILL the HAPPIEST EASIEST go with the flow baby. You truly make me want so many more. We love you so much sweet Abraham. You are such a joy! 

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