February Recap!

This was such a sweet month at home. January was so busy, but February was full of rest and days at home. It was so needed after such a busy season of moving, Christmas, and traveling. Spending every day with them at home is such a joy. The days can be long and hard, but I'm so thankful for this privilege and honor of being the mama.

 photo 7D6CE7CA-C2C5-4AD0-A16A-7F073D9946F2.jpg
  photo E151715E-643F-4BBB-91B8-EDC72D7CFCF8.jpg

 growing boy!
  photo 9D4AD05E-474D-4456-BBAB-75CC8A92D6DD.jpg

 I walked in on C reading to them. HEART EYES.
 photo IMG_0965.jpg

She was so tired this sweet girl just fell asleep right on her floor. 
  photo IMG_0952.jpg
  photo IMG_0860.jpg


  photo 8CF41BD6-DF99-4015-B856-2AB3240995D6.jpg
  photo 91C3BDEB-AF91-45B3-839D-FBBCF0B53F97.jpg

Building legos with dad!
  photo IMG_0876.jpg

He is growing so fast, and I just don't like it.
  photo IMG_0905.jpg

The days are sparsely warm but when they are, you will catch us outside. 
  photo IMG_1227.jpg

 Lego building machine! photo IMG_0954.jpg

 Cousins and sister wrapped him all up in blankets and bows haha.
 photo IMG_1189.jpg photo IMG_1199.jpg
  photo IMG_1199.jpg

one tired but very happy mama.
 photo IMG_0968.jpg

 Movie night with just my big guy!
  photo IMG_1133.jpg

  photo IMG_1060.jpg

These two little ones are sure to be fast friends... maybe one day spouses! ahahahaha.
  photo IMG_1072.jpg

park days!
  photo IMG_1091.jpg

I take way too many pictures of my kids sleeping haha. 
 photo IMG_1129.jpg

  photo IMG_1157.jpg photo IMG_1162.jpg

 Another sleeping picture, but this girl cracks me up!
  photo IMG_1170.jpg

  photo IMG_1211.jpg

 Took this little series of pictures one day. They just make my heart burst.
  photo D029A5F9-6A48-4C7F-85BA-08142D0B6DFC.jpg
  photo 1B080CDC-A46B-4845-9179-53C301A62723.jpg
  photo 426C7C99-3F38-43F5-94B2-BE8DC09AB092.jpg photo 9181AF1C-9EA7-4EDE-9A4C-76BA72097611.jpg
  photo FA48A80A-8D5B-43B6-B81C-36469E36F5B1.jpg

  photo IMG_0975.jpg

Thanks Feb. You were grand.

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