Abe is 10 months!





time is truly flying and I'm just so thankful for each and every stage of babyhood. You are such a laidback baby, which we are so thankful for. You feel so much younger than 10months because you are still refusing to crawl or pull up on things. Part of me loves this because you feel younger ha. The other side of me worries for your developments, but we know that babies just do everything in their own time. In the week since you've turned 10months, you've been steadily on your tummy without hating life and therefore really acting like you want to crawl. Maybe month 11 you'll decided it's time.

You LOVE C and W, and you love when they act silly. You learned how to wave bye bye and scrunch your nose in this hilarious overly cheesy smile. you clapped a few times on your own, too. You are loving real food and pretty much prefer it now. You are taking 4-5 bottles and eating 2 meals. You weigh over 19 pounds... probably closer to 21. You are still sleeping amazingly through the night and take 2 naps a day for 2-3 hours each.

You've started talking in the cutest gibberish I've ever heard and you get really serious when you do it. You also started shaking your head and then head banging when you are being silly. You think it's so funny.

We love you so much sweet boy. Every month with you is just such a sweet gift.

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