March was full of days at home and prepping to become foster parents! (more on that to come).

 He's so close to turning one, and I am not ok.
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FIRST FISHING ON OUR POND!!!!!!!!! They were so proud to be fishing with poppa. Josh's dad bought them these poles at Christmas and they've asked almost every week to use them. They were so excited when poppa came over to fish with them. They each caught 3-4 fish each! 
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 The sun goes down so early, so we've been getting creative at night. This night we started wrapping sticks with yarn to make a fun mobile.
  photo IMG_1320.jpg

 First smores in our fire place!
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  photo IMG_1374.jpg
  photo IMG_1377.jpg

 Little man standing tall!
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  photo IMG_1407.jpg

They asked me to take their pictures haha:
  photo IMG_1450.jpg photo IMG_1453.jpg photo IMG_1460.jpg

 Foster training!!
  photo IMG_1473.jpg

He finally let me put his hair back in a man bun. He DID not like it, and it only lasted for five minutes, but I couldn't get over how different it made him look. I will always cherish his beautiful curls.
  photo IMG_1515.jpg photo IMG_1518.jpg

She's too much!
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 exploring the land photo IMG_1532.jpg

 hanging out with granddaddy and mandy!
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  photo IMG_1558.jpg

 Easter Egg hunting with friends!!
 photo IMG_1561.jpg photo IMG_1559.jpg

  photo IMG_1570.jpg

Egg dye!!
  photo IMG_1574.jpg

Sweet cuddles with my boy!
  photo IMG_1577.jpg

 I have no idea what they are doing here. HA
  photo IMG_1566.jpg

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