Abe is 11 months!

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Sweet boy, you are 11 months old!!! I'm truly not ready for this last month. I know it's going to fly by and I hate that. One month until I have a one year old, I'm not ready. This month you are doing so much better with crawling. You still aren't up on all fours, but you are a master at your army crawl. You talk and talk and talk all day long. I'm guessing you weight around 20-21 pounds. You are still in size 3 diapers but that's going to change soon. You wear 9-12 month clothing and are close to only being in 12month strictly. You are cutting in your four front teeth, but they haven't quite broken through. You love love love to eat and really aren't that picky. You are still getting 4 bottles a day.

We sure do love you so much little one. It's such a joy to watch you grow. We thank Jesus for you daily!

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