April Recap!!

Finally we started to get some warmer weather! We spent a lot of this month outside playing! We also painted Abe's room and got it ready for our fostering journey!

This kid LOVES the swing!
 photo IMG_1636.jpg

 First time to Taco Bell. They loved it haha! photo IMG_1649_1.jpg photo IMG_1654.jpg photo IMG_1655.jpg

Cut all the hair off and it feels so good!
  photo IMG_1658.jpg

Sweet boy at the library! I can't get over his curls!
  photo IMG_1665.jpg

Canaan colored willow a crown so she could have a hat like him. He's the sweetest big brother!
  photo IMG_1715.jpg

Story time with daddy!
  photo IMG_1724.jpg

Always going...
  photo IMG_1613.jpg

 C drew this cross and I love it so so so much! Planning to keep it forever and ever.
  photo IMG_1621.jpg

My little mini me
  photo IMG_1736.jpg

Goodness I love these three!
  photo 79C1A0C4-FA89-43DE-ADEC-2C377E249A84.jpg

She's doing so well with her tracing!
  photo IMG_1756.jpg

Something about this boy in a baseball cap just melts me
  photo IMG_1763.jpg

Hello SPRING!!!
  photo IMG_1790.jpg

i mean, this baby owns me. 
  photo IMG_1828.jpg

Checking out his new school! We can't wait to start Classical Conversations next year!
  photo IMG_1838.jpg

 Little girl treasures
  photo IMG_1847.jpg

  photo IMG_1990.jpg photo IMG_1991.jpg photo IMG_1992.jpg photo IMG_1993.jpg photo IMG_1994.jpg

 Happy Easter!!

  photo IMG_1582.jpg
 photo IMG_1586.jpg photo IMG_1589.jpg

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