2018 Beach Vacation

We decided to take our beach trip early this year along with some friends. We stayed in Santa Rosa for the first time, and we fell in love the beautiful water and quaint little town. I was so curious how Abe would do with the sand and water. At first he was a little unsure, but then he wouldn't stop throwing it or pouring it all over himself.

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That first night we went to a fun family hangout spot called The Hub. It had a lot of little eateries and a big green field for kids to play on. We got ice cream and watched a movie on the big projector screen. We stayed out late, and the kids had a blast!
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We spent every morning at the beach for several hours. Then, we would head to the pool for swimming and lunch. The kids would then nap while I layed out and josh worked or relaxed. The kids were exhausted each day and took great naps. 
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 We checked out a neighboring community for dinner and then walked around the little square with kids before getting ice cream.
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 I woke up a few mornings before the kids to walk the beach alone, have my quiet time, and just  soak in the stillness.  photo IMG_2471.jpg

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We made the 45 min drive to our favorite sno cone stand in Destin. It's unparalleled to any other sno cones we've ever had.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed them. Just wish I could figure out a way to have them shipped here, ha!
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our last full day on the beach! These little fish have my heart!
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The morning we left, me and the kids went down to the beach for one last walk and sea shell hunt.  Oh how I wish we could have taken the whole thing home with us.

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So thankful for another sweet vacation with my crew!

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