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You've gone through so many fun changes in this last month of your babyhood. You can now army crawl and correctly crawl (when you choose, you are the fastest when you army). You mastered pulling up, and you even like to walk when we hold your hands. Your top four teeth have completely come through. You can say daddy, doggy, duck, hey, and dada. You really only say mama when your cry gets escalated if you are mad. You love to wave bye bye and point to your nose when asked. You've switched to whole milk and drinking out of a sippy cup. You are still a great sleeper and napper, but can miss a morning nap if we are out running errands without a meltdown. 12 month clothing is the best fit, and we are close to switching to size 4 diapers. You 21-22 pounds. Bless your heart, you broke out in Hand Foot Mouth the week of your birthday, but that didin't stop you from being your happy self. You LOVE to laugh at your siblings, swing, take baths, and eat. You also love playing with the big kids and reading books.

We are headed to the beach this weekend and I can't wait to see you there for the first time. I'm so curious if you will enjoy it.

We are having your birthday party the day after we get back, I can't wait to celebrate you. This past year has been the best year of our lives. You have filled our home with so much joy and happiness. Everyday I have kissed your cheeks off, loved on you, and praised the Lord for blessing us with you. My sweet Abraham Robert, our lives our better because you are in them. Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

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