Abe's First Birthday!

I just can't believe that this boy is an entire year old.  What a joy this past year has been watching him grow. He brings so much joy into our lives and I truly can't image life without him. We decided to have his party the day after we returned from vacation. I still can't decide if that was good timing or not haha, because it atleast made me have all the party prep done before we left for vacation. I was so stuck on what little theme to have for his party. I just was in such disbelief that it was time to be planning it. Time had flown so fast and I just wasn't ready for him to be one. That's when I decided to do a "time flies" theme. I love to go big for the first bday, but to do it on a budget is always a fun challenge. I scored pinterest and came up with a few ideas on my own. It was so fun planning and ended up being very inexpensive. We had such a fun day celebrating this boy!


I'll let the pictures do the talking on if Abe liked the cake or not.... haha


 We love you Abraham Robert!!!!

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