May Recap 2018

This month was packed full of fun. First Abe's birthday, then vacation, then Abe's party, then memorial day cookouts and mothers day! It was a great kick-off to summer!

Birthday boy and his pancakes!

Poor little guy had HFM on his birthday! 
 Still happy as a clam!

Our rose bushes bloomed. She asked if she could have these flowers for wedding one day. Yep, that's what she asked. My goodness I don't even want to think about that. But, it would be a precious idea!

I Just LOVE his curls

Mother's Day with some of my favorite mamas!

 So thankful to be these kub's mama.


One Year Check up!

morning quiet time with daddy

I just love his precious pooh drawing

besties over for dinner!

morning cuddles with my main girl


Abe and the watermelon. A series. 

 COUSINS!(minus stone)

Playground fun

Dinner with Nana

Sweet Sweet summer time

 A because this was Abe's birth month. Here is a little look back over the last 12 months. GOODNESS HE'S SO BIG!!


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