June Recap 2018

Sweet sleeping girl

sno cone date with friends!

Warm nights outside with our CG people!

Where's Abe?

Girl's Night Out

Another year of swim lessons!!!

 pool time after swim lessons!!

 pool side napping!

Be still my heart. This kid. 

C has really been into Volcano's lately. When we read about the devastation in Guatemala, C asked what we could do to help. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of him drawing pictures for $5 a pic! He drew close to 25 volcanos and raised $300! We were so proud of him and all the hard work he put into drawing volcanos.

Lo got a big girl haircut! She's such a beauty!

 Back porch hangs!

C took these photos, haha.

This was one of the biggest reasons that we bought this house! The spacious land allows us to host events for our church. This was our first time hosting a church wide cook out and baptism service. I couldn't help but tear up at one point. The Lord has been so good to us. It's our desire to always use this home to glorify him and be hospitable to others. This was the first of many nights to come. 

She got just a tiny bit of marker on her, hahahahaha.

Picking blueberries!

Love these people of mine!

My friend Anna's little boy, Lee. First time meeting him and I never wanted to let him go!

Snuggles with my Lo

They did this all on their own after helping me bake. Goodness I love their bond!

Outings to the library! And yes, Abe is naked because of a car vomit crisis. Don't ask.

My sweet baby boy

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