Our Anniversary and FTN date nights!

Nine years married to this fella. It's like we blinked and here we are, but at the same time it also feels like another lifetime when we got married. We've grown and changed so much over the years for the better. Marriage is never easy and we've definitely had our hard moments, but I'm so thankful the Lord never leaves us were we are. Doing life with this man is a blessing I'll never be deserving of. In nine years, we've moved 4 times, gone through several job changes, been on numerous trips, and had four beautiful babies come into our family. Nine years and a lifetime to come! I love you babe!

 We celebrated at our favorite restaurant, The Beauty Shop. Then we walked around the new Crosstown Concourse, got ice cream, and talked about our marriage. It was a sweet night of celebration and yummy food!

This month was rare in that we got a lot of date nights! WHOOP WHOOP! Josh's second job at Fund The Nations hosted a company night at a Redbirds game! We haven't gone to a game since the early years in our marriage, so this was a different date night than we are used too, but we had fun!

We also celebrated FTN's 10 year anniversary! Josh has been working with this company for a few years now and it's been a massive blessing to our family. He loves working there. Most of his very good friends work alongside him. I'm thankful he can go to work everyday to a place he loves with coworkers who are such a huge part of our lives.

We ate yummy food, took silly pictures and then had our own version of the "dundy" awards (The Office awards).

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