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I'm Kate and this is my sweet crew. I started this blog right after I got married in 2009 as a way to document our lives through out the years. I blog to document. Plain and simple. I love the idea of my kids being able to read back through this blog one day and see what our lives were like, the trips we went on, how the Lord worked in our lives, and the fun memories we created.

I'm a follower of Christ, a people lover, mom to my two kiddos (we are currently adopting, check our the tab at the top to learn more), a fan of all things mid century modern, a photographer, and I actually enjoy working out (yeah, I can't believe I wrote that either).

My desire for this blog is to point to Christ in all my posts. Whether I'm sharing my heart about our adoption, a monthly recap full of photos, or a fun post about a vacation, I want it all to point back to the God who pours His grace out over us abundantly even though we are so undeserving.