What is Kuby? 
      Kuby is my husband's nick name. He received it somewhere along the way in high school, I believe. When I first met him, I really thought that was his name. You can imagine my delight when I learned it wasn't.

How long did you and your husband date before marriage? 
      J and I dated 6 months before he said those three little words, 8 months before I returned them, a year and a half before he asked me to be his forever, and 2 years exactly on the day we wed.

How did you and Kuby meet?
     My brother in law asked me to skip my senior prom and be a leader for a D-NOW (church event). I felt a strong urge to do it. Looking back I can totally tell it was the Lord nudging me. I knew who he was but I thought he had a girl friend. I learned that weekend that he didn't. I rode with him and a friend to a coffee shop (which would later end up being "our place" and he even proposed there). His first conversation with me happened bc he sent a 6th grader over to tell me I looked like a hippie (I was in a cowgirl costume for the churches dress up night). I walked over and started a convo. Time passed, I skipped many a 4th periods to meet him at said coffee joint. The rest is history...

How did he propose?
     You can watch it here. He decorated our coffee joint which had actually shut down. The owner gave him all the original decor and he set it up outside the doors. So romantic. SO us:) Can't believe we've been married 4 years.

Any advice for new moms? 
      YEP! Read it all here!

Where does your inspiration for DIY projects come from? 
      Pinterest my dear friends. all. the. way. How did we ever do anything without it? I also really love A Beautiful Mess blog. Those girls are unbelievable. I usually will take a DIY project and try to put my own personal spin on it. So that every piece is more.. me. I love different, eclectic decor. Follow my pinterest boards for inspiration overload. I have an addiction to pinning. Don't we all?

What are you top 5 photography tips? 
       1. Learn how to shoot in manual. I can't stress how important that is.
       2. NO FLASH. Shoot natural lighting... unless you are boss with a flash.
       3. Do most of your editing through Lightroom. Trust me, it's worth the investment!
       4. Learn the rule of thirds and try to shoot in interesting perspectives.
       5. DON'T compare. I've learned it can be your worst enemy. I don't search through other photogs sites for inspiration. It usually leaves me comparing myself to them. I want to shoot what is natural to me and my subjects. Just let them be. Styling and posing will come naturally and through lots of trial and practice.
       6. BONUS tip:) Photography Concentrate is a great resource for beginners. I'm always open to share tips. I wouldn't be where I was if it wasn't for the help and advice from others. I want to always have the perspective that this talent is not my own. It's of the Lord. He gave it to me to bless others. I want to always be open with my talent bc it's simply not mine to keep.

Have any more questions? Email katie dot kubler at yahoo dot com:)